2 years ago today

I lost the love of my life 2 years today Easter Sunday suddenly without warning. The worst day of my entire life. I know everyone says it gets easier but for me it hasn’t I still miss him every second of every day and nothing can ever fill that loss .
Love to you all


Bless you. It never gets easier no matter how much time has passed. I think that although we learn to live a different life , special dates will always be hard to cope with.
Sendi g hugs xx


Thank you Alir for your kind words it’s been a tough day … I’m sorry for your loss also
Hugs to you xx

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@Janeets My condolences to you. I hope you find some peace for when these dates come around each year.
Best Wishes

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@JustSomeBloke thank you I hope so too
Hugs to you

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