2 years later

Today is my boyfriend’s two year anniversary. He was buried 3 weeks before I gave birth to our lovely boy. Today is really hard for me. I’m at work, crying onto my computer. I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts. My heart breaks everyday for my little boy. It’s crazy.

Hi Monique - thanks for coming onto the community and sharing how you’re feeling at the moment.

It all does sound so hard, even though it’s been two years. However, it’s normal to still be feeling this loss, and even more understandable when you’ve got a baby to think of too. Anniversaries are naturally going to be tough too.

It’s great you’ve found this community because there’ll be people here who can share their experiences with you and hopefully help you feel like you’re not alone.

Is there anyone that you’re able to talk to or who can spend time with you at home? It’s natural for your mind to wander and think about things a lot when you’re on your own but talking to people will really help, even if it’s hard at first. Sometimes even talking to strangers can help - and can often be easier to do.

This information on our site might be helpful to read, and at the end there’s some links to places you can get more help and support too. Do have a look as I think it could really help.

Lastly, it may feel crazy that you don’t want to be alone but it’s natural - and understandable that you worry about your son too. It will get easier with help - and that doesn’t mean you ever have to forget your boyfriend. There are lots of ways you can celebrate and remember him that involve your son too.

Please do let us know how you’re getting on - we’re here to help where we can. You’ve made a positive step by coming here and posting :slight_smile:

Hi Monique
Thank you for coming to the online community and sharing how you feel. Yesterday must have been a very sad and difficult day for you. It is hard to be alone with your thoughts after the loss of someone so close and so special. Its not crazy to be this way, it is very normal and understandable. I hope you will find support on this online community. Let us know how you are doing.