2 years on since I lost my dad and still suffering everyday

It’s been 2 years march since I lost my dad and still cant come to terms with it. Every morning I wake up and just go into panic mode. My anxiety is unreal and worry over the slightest little thing. My dad had dementia he was 55 first diagnosed. I just wish I could stop reliving his last days. It torments me so much. I do work which keeps me focused a little but the overwhelming feelings are so hard. I dont think I will ever accept that my beloved hero is not here anymore. I miss him so much and feel like my life has just come to a standstill.

Hello again Joey. I remember you well from your previous posts and it saddens me to read about the difficult place you are in emotionally. I can empathize with you as I’m too experiencing feelings that mirror yours and it’s the same time frame as well albeit a different relationship type. It sounds like there’s a few aspects of your loss that are particularly worrying for you as is the case for me. Maybe if we could fit those jigsaw pieces into place then everything else would have a chance to fall in place and we could attempt to come to terms with things at some point. Everything is much easier said than done isn’t it though. I just wanted to let you know your feelings are understood. Please don’t suffer in silence if the feelings persist as doing so brings its own set of problems. Do take care Joey.

Hi Tina
Thank you for replying to my post. Hope you are keeping well. It’s been a long time since I posted on here because some days I just dont know what to say. I think I’m still in shock with losing my dad. I feel so alone and seem to be in Jo’s world at the moment. We are all in this awful position I know but some days I feel so sad. I have thought about seeing the gp but really dont want to take medication. Anyway thank you for being there. Take care Tina x