20 Months he is gone

It’s been a while since I wrote on here, yes, it’s been 20 months since my beloved husband left this world. There are days when I don’t cry but the tears are never far away. I’m doing a little more around the house but I’m still not on top of everything. I have no motivation or desire to do much. It’s as if my spirit had left me. I hardly leave the house, my son is worried about me. But I tell him my grieving will take as long as it takes. I just can’t help it. I spend many hours in bed and find it difficult to sleep at night. Then sleep the whole day away. My daughter is at home and still young and she works but she now has Covid so I’m looking after her, cooking etc. I suppose it’s good as I’m not dwelling too much on my sadness . It’s so strange but I don’t feel lonely at all just alone and empty. No spark left in me. But I have decided I’m going to travel (once we can again) hopefully the world gets rid of COVID and I want to do lots of travelling. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Take care everyone, remember these awful times will pass.


Margarita, I am pleased you have posted again and understand how difficult it is to deal with grief but now you are thinking of travelling, that’s fantastic. Travel is possible but can be tricky because every country is different.
Two trips that I can recommend, both totally different. The Holy Land because it was the first and as a single person, on her own it was well organised and not religious in any way but we saw all the biblical places.
The second, Norwegian fJords with Hurtigruten again being on your own was no problem and I went late February and saw the northern lights, out of this world.
After loosing my soulmate it was very difficult to make plans but once I did, it worked out. Not easy!
Hope this has given you the courage and helps with you grief. Look after yourself, that’s very important. S xx


Dear Susie, thank for replying to my post. It’s great that you enjoyed your travelling, even tho on your own. Well done. Yes I’m looking forward to being able to as soon as I can. Kind regards Margarita

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