2020 not finished with me yet

After the passing of my wife in July this year, to avoid being on my own this Christmas my Daughter invited me over to her house to have Christmas dinner with her Children, my Grand Kids.
She has just had notice to Isolate due to her Friend and Neighbour been tested positive for Covid.
So, for the very first time in my life I am spending Christmas day on my own.
2020 has not finished with me yet.
2021 cannot be any worse… Can it?

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No, 2021 cannot be any worse. We’ve both lost the love of our lives in 2020, as have many others. That is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, barring the loss of a child.
So, simple logic assures me that having survived the worst thing that has ever happened in my life in 2020, 2021 is bound to be a piece of cake in comparison. The vaccine brings us hope that one day all this will be over.
I actually chose to have Christmas dinner alone. My family is in Asia, and I don’t want to impose my gloomy self on any other family’s celebrations. I will stay at home with my dogs, eat my usual Christmas brunch, and then have a steak meal in the evening which I’ll share with my dogs. I’ll be happy with my memories of the many happy Christmases that we shared together.

Hugs, Christie xxx


p.s. I realise that my comment about 2021 is over optimistic, but, whatever happens, it just cannot be as bad!!!

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You share with your dogs, I share with my cats…lol 2021 WILL be better


God bless our dogs, what would we do without them. They deserve that steak meal.
I also would have preferred to be alone with my two furry companions, not that I don’t love and cherish my family but sometimes we need that ‘me and memory time’. My family are convinced I won’t eat anything if I don’t go to them (which isn’t true, I like cooking and look after myself). So they are making sure and coming to fetch me but I will be happy to get back home to my lovely pair of furry therapists, perhaps they deserve a steak dinner as well.!!!

I feel a bit selfish though as I am in tier one and I’m sure those in a higher tier would love the opportunity to spend Christmas with family.


Hi @Pattidot, good to hear from you again. Our dogs always have a steak as a treat for Christmas - you just have to be careful to give them only so much else you will get a cascade of runny poos!!!
I still miss Abdullah and Jonathin123. Wish there was a way of getting them back on this site.
Best, Christie xxx


Hi Christie
I have remembered that I don’t eat red meat so I will give my dogs some fish or chicken instead.!!! and hope for no runny poos!!!
Such a shame we have lost some members, they are missed.


Ugh … crazy how bad can it get now when we have lost our other half ? Hope you get through x x woshing ypu strength xx