21 year old lost

My son was found dead in the canal last Thursday. I really don’t know how to cope, please help xx

Hello, I’m so sorry to see your post. Your life will feel like a whirlwind right now. I hope you are ok and have some close family or friends who can support you.
I lost my daughter aged 33 to cancer 2 years ago and find life has completely changed. I have changed as all of us on this journey have. You could never be the same as children are your life whatever age.
People on this site will listen and understand and it gives you a chance to express your feelings.
Love to you

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Thank you

I am so sorry for your loss. It is the worse pain when it’s your child and for you so sudden. Take each day as it comes and don’t expect too much of yourself. I lost my 37 year old daughter to cancer in August last year and I do have some good times but also have horrendous days as well. Be kind to yourself and let your friends and family help you xx