23 weeks and gone :(

My little boy hat pateau syndrome, edwards and big hole in heart he fought for 23 weeks but finnaly left us, my partner gave birth, im trying to hold it together for her and family but im crippled inside, any suggestions and comments about how to cope welcome, im a broken man. No words can explain my pain


This is so sad for you and your partner, what a terrible loss .
I know you’re trying to hold it together and support everyone else but you must show your grief as well. It will help your partner to know you feel the same as her -be with her, cry with her - and grieve together over your little boy, don’t feel you have to be a big strong man.

She will want to know you care as much as she does if you don’t show your feelings she won’t know that.

Take care of both of yourself as well as your partner. J x


What a terrible and sad time this is for you StrugglingDad and I can only add my sympathetic wishes.

Please don’t try to be brave for anyone, a good cry never did anyone any harm and will relieve the tension for you. I saw my Dad cry on several occasions when I was younger and I never thought any less of him. In fact I felt glad that he could express his emotions if needed.

No words need to be said. Share lots of hugs, cuddles and shared memories of the all too brief time you both had with your little boy.

With all good wishes

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