24 Weeks Today

In loving memory of my darling Alan. I lost him 24 weeks ago today.
The hearache and pain is as bad today as it was then.

It’s so hard to believe you’re no longer here
Words cannot describe how this makes me feel
You’ve passed on to the other side
Though I wish you could still be here with me

You were a remarkable man dependable, loving and caring
You were the centre of my world, you were one in a million
You made me laugh, you made me smile
You were my companion and best friend

You were so wonderful from beginning to end
Your love showed me how good life could be
Your death showed me how cruel life sometimes is
But good or bad, life has to go on

Even though it’s not easy to carry on
Forever you will live on in my heart and mind
Forever you will live in my thoughts and never die
With love always, I remember you

With fond memories, I think of you
With hope, I believe we’ll met again
Somewhere. Somehow. Someplace.
I Love You Alan xx


@sad2 hi sad I am so deeply sorry that you lost Alan and that you are going through this heartbreak what you have said there to Alan is beautiful stay safe take care sending you hugs x my thoughts are with you today

Thank you so much Casey, your kind words and thoughts are much appreciated,.