25 years to get ready for this

My eldest son was born with serious heart problems. We were told early on that he was not likely to see his 2nd birthday. He made it to 25!!!

I lost him 12.12.18. Absolute torture at the end.

I feel guilty for not always being there for him. He started to give up ; drink and drugs played a part in his demise. No he’s gone it’s too late and I feel crap. I miss him so much

I’m so sorry that you have lost your son. Nothing could prepare you for this. You are feeling everything that all on here have felt. Please reach out when you need to. X

I too lost my 25 year old son on 26 September. It’s so hard. He was my world. It’s difficult I know but please try not to feel guilty you did your best for 25 years. Reading has helped me and I can throughly recommend a book call surviving the unthinkable by Janice Bell Meisenhelder. After reading her book I stopped feeling I was going mad! Keep strong Jackie

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Sorry for your loss.

I’m not much of a reader but maybe for this I’m gonna need help wherever it’s available so thank you.