2nd year seems worse

I am finding things really hard just now, my husband of 45 years passed away Dec 22 I think last year was a blur, this month would have been his 67th birthday. I feel that it’s just hit me how lonely life is without him, we were together from we were young and did everything together, hubby found it difficult to trust people so we kept ourselves to ourselves, our lives were each other our children and grandchildren.
I think it’s all the things we take for granted like going out for a meal, out for a drink and going on holiday, life is lonely now and missing hubby so much, why did he have to end up with cancer, During March I did the 10,000 steps a day challenge for cancer research, which I enjoyed doing but again I was by myself and my thoughts although I did see a robin most days when out walking.
Has anyone else found the 2nd year worse.



I lost my husband in January 23. I don’t feel it’s any better with time, some days are just a complete blur to me.
I’m really very sad most of the time, people that visited constantly have drifted off now, maybe they think a year is enough time to get your act together.
The things we planned to do with our retirement have just gone, feeling very cheated.
I try to fill my days with my children and grandchildren but it’s a very strange existence that’s for sure.

Sending love


Hi it has just been two years since my husband died and I don’t feel any different. Most of the time I am just filling time. It’s not a life just an existence really. I feel sad and although I try to find happiness/joy I can’t find it anywhere, not without him.x


Hello Mary Mac. My husband died 25august 2022 he was 67. I agree with you totally that the first year was a blur. I felt numb and in shock. Second year is worse as I now realise this is my life without him. No children. I am mostly alone apart from a few good friends and worry about the future on my own. Take care. X


Dear @Mary.Mac and all of you.
I lost my husband 24 August 2022.
Nothing is any easier. It’s harder.

I honestly fail to comprehend why anyone thinks time should heal. It doesn’t.
Why would we be any less sad, any less lonely?
We’ve missed them for longer,
they’ve missed more things.
So it’s harder . Ofcourse it is.

I had a conversation with the mental health nurse at our GP surgery, and I was telling her about how much I hate new year, and hate having gone through all the firsts, because everyone assumes now we’ve done that we will be okay!!!

She shared a story with me that someone else had told her.
It comes from a child who was grieving the loss of her mum, and a second Christmas was approaching.
Someone was trying to help the child deal with it , and let the child think it would be easier the second time…
The child replied " Why do you think it will be okay this year… My mum still isn’t here, is she"

Out of the mouths of babes.



Yes its hard isnt it ? I lost my husband in december 2022 too … he had just had his 60th birthday …married 35 years its really hard without him. I miss his love and his company so much. Xx


Hi everyone ive just gone into my 2nd year and finding it so hard just struggling to find anything positive .The first year ive realy tried to live some sort of life without him ive made new friends and had little breaks away kept busy but even so the sadness emptiness lonliness of losing my partner is just the same and i carnt see it changing anytime soon its nice to read the positive posts on here .I do wish we had more of them to give us a bit of hope .Just having a real bad day xx