2weeks on

Im 2 weeks today since I lost my husband who was 48 suddenly I wish wish I had a sign he ok and was wondering has anybody else had a sign from a loved one when they passed

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I think you will find there has been lots of us that have had signs, even those that had no feelings about these things before our loss. There has been recent conversations about such things. Try finding PSYCHIC PHENONEMA it was started to discuss what you are asking. I will try to find it and bring it back to the top of the list. It might give you some comfort.


Sorry for your lost

It is very fresh. It is a time of raw feeling and pain.
It is ling way to go yet.

Stay in this community keep posting and reading
It helps.

Yes, sometimes there are sign
Keep in touch

So sorry for your loss it’s 4 months since I lost my partner Graham after 37 years together . He was 50 and caught covid in hospital. I have been desperate for a sign from him but as yet nothing. Been a few wired things happen at our daughters doors opening, things jumping out of fridge etc… hope he will let me know he’s around soon.
Sending a big hug

Hi julie69
How are you today.
4 months is not long it is when you mind try to make senses of what happened.
4 months after it seems like a dream that everything is like unreal.

Can you tell me about thing happened to your daughters.

I am sure he will find the way to let you know he is looking after you.

Maybe the pain your are filling dont let you feel his presents.

I use to feel my husband around, some how i feel in peace but i used to cry a lots looking at all his staff but other moments i feel his present like the pain go away and feel peace.
I was dealing with paper work and i forgot where i put a copy of a document, i cried as i couldn’t do anything everything seems difficult to do i left it the next day the document was there by the side of the other documents on top.

If it was there the day before i did not see it but maybe he came to help me.

I am so so sorry for your loss. Two weeks is such an early time, your emotions will be all other the place, sadness, anger, heartache. Stay strong