Had a bad night last night it’s 2yrs today that I lost my wife. Last year I was ok I suppose because I was in the middle of chemotherapy and covid restrictions so had no time to really thinking about my wife but this year there is nothing else for me to think about. I woke up crying. My 2 dogs really have helped me through all this.

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Dear Oscar

I sorry to read you had a bad night which is understandable as today is the 2nd anniversary of your wife’s passing. Have you thought about doing something in your wife’s memory today? Such as

Planting a new plant in the garden
Buying her favourite flowers and having them in the home
Have lunch/tea with friends and family today and light a candle/look at photos
Cook her favourite meal
Write your wife a letter or poem
Take your dogs for a walk where you both like to walk together

Pets are so comforting and it good that your dogs have helped you through this difficult time. We too are are here for you - you are not alone. Take Care.

Trying to think of things we did together we used to caravan a lot but my wife hardly ever went anywhere she never walked the dogs with me. Food wasn’t her thing. We were very insular so didn’t have many friends and I hardly ever hear from my stepson. Perhaps I’ll try and write a song for her. I keep a photo of her on the fridge door next to my Mum and Dad who have both gone. Once I have fulfilled my promise to her to look after our dogs I will be ready to go. I know I will never see her again but at least I won’t be suffering her loss and the physical pain that I’m in all the time.


I know exactly how you feel. We were married 55 years and spent almost all not-at-work time together. My only comfort is that it is me going through this, and not him.
Thank goodness you have your lovely dogs.
I live in an almshouse now and had to give my beautiful terrier, Rosie, away to come. Luckily she’s very happy and having a great time, but to me, a house without a dog is a dead place. I wish they’d allow them here. At least you have the dogs to cuddle and talk to.
I’m sorry that you are feeling so bad, but try to be glad that the one you adore is not, and never will, have to live what you are living.
We are very fortunate to have enjoyed sharing our lives with such amazing, unforgettable people.