3 deaths in short period of time

Have lost two of my best friends and my dad in the last 18 months and finding it very hard to cope.

Hi Lainey,

I’m so sorry that you’ve lost 3 people so close to you in the last 18 months, it’s understandable that you’re finding it hard to cope with such loss so close together. Do you have any family or friends that you can reach out to for support? There are lots of really lovely supportive people on the forum who I’m sure will also reply to your post. I started on the forum 4 years ago when my Mum died.

How is your grief affecting you, are you sleeping ok?

Keep posting & take care for now. Trudy x

Thanks for replying to my query. Have spoken to family and also my doctor. Not been sleeping well at all but then I finding it hard to do anything just now.

Hi lainey. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad 4 weeks ago, my grandma on Christmas day and last September I had a brain haemorrhage. I’m only 35.
I completely understand how you are feeling. It’s not just the heartache that’s hard to cope with is it? It’s everyday things that are constant reminders of those we have lost. I find myself getting angry about certain situations, in particular people complaining about silly little things.
Everybody says 'it gets better with time and I’m sure it does but right now that’s not really helpful. All we can do is remember those we have lost and think about what they would have wanted us to do. what we’re their strengths? how would they have dealt with something like this? what would they say to me right now?
I do hope you find your inner strength and take each day as it comes. x x

Hi Laine
I am going through a similar thing right now.I have lost my nan and my Nan inlaw the day before my nans funeral.Which was in January.My daughters God parents lost there granddaughter in February.She was 2 the same as my daughter.
I don’t think that we ever get over a loss.We have to find peace with it.
We will have bad days where we feel sad and lost. If we pray for peace ,then we will find a way through the tunnel.

Hi I lost my beloved Grandma and my mum within weeks of each other so I can relate. It’s a really tough time for you so be gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to adjust to things. Sometimes you might get angry and feel it’s not fair sometimes you might be numb sometimes you might feel you could cry forever just don’t ever feel you are alone because you are not. If you ever feel like talking more feel free to message me or others on here.

Hello Lainey,

Sorry to hear of your recent losses. Although I don’t know your situation, I can empathy size with the frequent losses. I lost my ex-husband and mother 6 hours apart and my sister then lost her husband 6 weeks later, in 12 months we had 7 deaths in our family.

My advice is to talk and give yourself time. It didn’t hit me until my dad died, the 8th in two years and suddenly I felt alone. I have found by gradually sharing these thoughts has helped me and my friends have been great.

However, I am going to seek professional help and would advise you to do the same if it’s stopping you move forward.

Sometimes we just get stuck and when we recognise it, we are halfway there. So the first step of coming on here an sharing your grief is huge, don’t forget that.

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for responding to my post. I am sorry to read about your sad losses in such a short time. I have now arranged for some Bereavement Counselling and hoping that helps. Strange thing for me is that I always had my 2 friends to turn to but sadly they are now gone and I feel quite “lost”.