3 months without my sister

I feel a little numb nowadays. I can’t tell if I’m just getting better at dealing with it all. Anyone deal with this too? I could use some words of encouragement. I feel kind of lost and anxious for the future. I am 20 and starting nursing school in the fall and it’s hard being strong all the time.

Hi Lauryn,

Why should you have to be strong all the time? We are only human, and we all have moments were we struggle. I don’t think there is anything wrong with sometimes feeling lost and anxious. You have suffered a major loss in your life and 3 months is not a long time to be walking on this road called grief. Many people have described grief as a rollercoaster, or as the sea - sometimes all is calm, and then suddenly there are huge waves that can feel overwhelming. As for the future, sometimes it helps not to think too far ahead, just take one day at a time. You could also try to have a conversation with yourself, and say to yourself what you would say to encourage a friend in your situation. I hope that despite your grief you are able to look forward to starting your nurse training. I trained as a nurse in the seventies and never regretted it. Sending you my best wishes, xxx Jo

Hi Lauryn, sorry for your loss of your sister.
I think you are getting better. I started to feel better after about 3.5 month. Please do not be disappointed if you have a setback from time to time.

My brother, age 74, died of a heart attack four months go and I still have problems talking about him. I also have problems looking at recent photos of him. But, I found one from time when he was about 13, and I look at it every day.

Enjoy your nursing school and do what Jo wrote, “take one day at a time”. - Perhaps you could take an old photo of your sister and tell her, each day, what you have learned.

Take care of yourself, and talk to your friends and family, it helps.


I lost my little sister in March. She was 41. Since then my Mum has had heart failure and my dad has had three heart attacks. I’m saying all the right things to help ease my mum and dad’s pain but it doesn’t help me. The physical pain is not as bad now but sometimes the thought that she is not here anymore just creeps up on me out of nowhere. I’ve started to be more aware of worrying about myself. Being kinder to myself. Doing things that make me happy. When I’m not strong I say it out loud. I also write to my sister and a private notebook whenever I’m finding things hard. Its will never go away but maybe we will get better at dealing with it :heart:

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