3 weeks

3 weeks ago my darling died in my arms. She had a stroke and died before the ambulance arrived. What hit me this weekend was the horror and fear. I won’t see her again. It’s so FINAL. I just can’t get my head round this. I just can’t. and there’s nothing anyone can do. nothing no matter how kind or well intentioned. I’m just lost


I do feel for you…and the finality is the worst thing. I am 4 months in and I keep getting told that this is still early days…it doesn’t feel like it, but I guess it’s true. I am still taking one day at a time…that’s all we can do. Best wishes to you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


@BobY I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner unexpectedly in January. He had a heart attack at work. You will still be in shock of everything that’s happened. Everything is so raw and hard to comprehend at the beginning.
Just take things day by day, hour by hour if needed to get through each day. That’s the only way I coped.
Take care x


Your right, it’s hard and nothing anyone says will make it better, take away your pain or bring her back. This is a hard road we all travel but here we all understand and know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.

I’m 3 months in and was exactly where you are. Grief is a process and being here has shown me how we are all travelling this path and experiencing the same things.

The path can not be avoided and as hard as it is, you have to walk it to get through. We are all here to help you do that and although our journeys are different we do understand.

It does get brighter as you walk through the stages.

Best wishes Ali


Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I lost my darling to cancer. I was with him till the end. Im 40 and my husband 57 and we have a 8 and almost 10year old. I feel so completely lost. Im going back to work in a week, Im hoping routine will help me, As I feel so lost. My mum flew from South Africa to come and help with the girls as I cant stand being around anyone. Im trying but the last 2 days I dont want to get out of bed. How to move forward without your other half…its unthinkabke, to imagine a World without my wonderful husband, Best friend, and the most Amazing Dad in the World. Im just so lost and dead inside


Such beautiful words to explain our ‘united understanding’ amidst ‘our unique journeys’
Thank you :hugs:


So sorry for your loss :frowning: how long did it take for the ambulance to come ? Mustve been an awful time for you waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Take care - you will still be in shock at this point :frowning: also i know what you mean - its like being in a dream or a nightmare more like isnt it ?.xx


They were about 30 minutes. I recognised the stroke then called again when I realised she was gone and started CPR but it was hopeless. I’m haunted that I didn’t do enough even though the GP said I’d looked after her well enough to get another 4 years with her. I’m still blaming myself even though they’ve all assured me. I did everything possible. It’s a horrible horrible feeling

30 minutes is good tbh. I have done voluntary work with stroke association for 12 years and you did everything you could. Honestly xxx

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So very very sorry . We all can on here . People try to help and unfortunately say silly things. I’ve been so angry at lots , life, why Bry had to go so suddenly , why other people are living their lives and I can’t think of more than an hour at a time . It’s so unfair

If this is life it SUCKS :sleepy::sleepy:

Sending hugs xx


@BobY I am so sorry you have lost your darling wife under such tragic and traumatic circumstances. It is so hard to accept your partner has gone, it feels like a bad dream

My husband died in January very suddenly and it took a while to accept he wasn’t coming back. As @Ali29 says, we are on such a difficult journey but you are not alone. On here there are people who really understand your pain and loss even though our experiences are different.

Fellow travellers on here are incredibly generous in giving support, they certainly have helped me and given me hope that there is a future. I hope you can find some comfort here too. There are glimmers of light in some of my days now, something I never once could have ever imagined. So hang in there, small steps. Hugs xx