3 years anniversary of mums death.

Next Friday will be 3 years since my mum passed.Thinking about the fact i havent seen my mum in 3 years is just so hard to take in.The last three years have been the toughest years of my life.You dont realise what grief is really like until you experience it.There is so many stages to grief which you experience repeatedly.
Losing a loved one makes you realise how fragile life is and how things can change in a second.
There has been so many times where i wanted to give up but my son made me realise why life is worth living.Being a mum is all i ever wanted to be,the smile on my sons face gets me through the hard days.Just wish my mum was here to see the sweet, kind and funny grown up boy he is becoming.Sometimes bad things happen to good people but there is always hope and life does get better,It wont always be easy and sometimes the pain will consume you.
Its a cliche but its true.There is light at the end of the tunnel.


@StarHeart thinking of you and sending you lots of :heart:xxx

Thank you.Its still hard to believe shes gone. :hearts: :hearts

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I can completely understand, its been 7 years for me since i lost my dad, and there are times where it only feels like yesterday, im always at the end of a message xxxx

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I am so sorry for your loss. I completely understand how you feel not seeing your mum any longer is so hard. The grief journey and the emotions and feelings change from 1 day to the next. Sometimes day to night. My mum passed on 13 February 2023 and we lived with her, as I was her carer. Today I have been breaking down and releasing tears a lot. To me this time since I lost my mum has flown by. It feels as if she has only been gone around 6 months. I too have wanted to give up on numerous occasions. Today I told myself I will give it 6 months and then give up on life. I can only imagine that your mum would want you to keep going, taking day by day. Partly because you have a son and your mum would not want to see your son her grandson to go through the heartbreak and pain you are encountering. I do believe that our loved ones can still see how our we are and are around us. I bet your mum would be so proud on her grandson.

My dad died 24 years ago and I thought I would never get over his death. Somehow we learn to live with the loss and there will be good days and bad days. Be kind to you and take care of yourself. xx

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