3 years on.

I am 31. I lost my dad suddenly 3 years ago doing a charity colour fun run. He was only 46.
Haven’t grieved properly and I really struggle some days still.
Does anyone stil struggle so much such a time after

Hi Stacey,

2 years on from my dad suddenly passing at 55 years old (I was 24 at the time) and I still struggle, I always use the analogy of the ball in the box to explain how this feels and I’m sure most people like us dealing with the loss of a loved one have come across this.

It still hurts as much as the day they passed. It’s just less frequent, it hurts just as much but we learn to recognise the triggers, we learn what makes us feel better, what we choose to remember and what we try to forget that brings us pain.

It’s not easy at all, it’s really really hard sometimes but we keep going and we keep moving forward in grief.

Feel free to reach out, if you want to, I’m happy to talk x


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its 3 years this may since I lost my dad and I still get emotional at times but I am finding i am now remembering better times n I dont tear up if I talk about him. I miss him like there is no tomorrow ( he was my best friend too ) but for me I am in a place where I accept that i miss him n it will hurt but for me it doesnt consume me like it did and does not mean i miss or love him any less

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