30 years

It would of been 30 years ago today that I met my wonderful loving and kind husband John.We met in a club/Restaurant called Park Lane, and I looked across the room and there was this young man with big brown eyes looking back at me, I was smitten there and then and we were together from there after.Havn’t been able to stop crying last few days.I know I’m not alone in all this we all understand each other on this site and that’s what’s keeping me going so big thanks to all of you on here

you are bound to be emotional around this time, every anniversary is going to be hard, allow yourself time to heal, this isn’t going to go away overnight, dont be frightened to cry and release those tears, crying releases so many emotions and stress. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories to look back on and enjoy. Remember them with fondness not sadness, I am certain John will be wanting you to remember happier times with the odd smile. He sounds a wonderful man from reading your other post.

Thank you pandy for your kind words,yes he was a lovely man never moaned in all the years we were married (I did this for him)oh yes I’ve cried many tears and you are exactly right it’s not going away any time soon.I’m sorry to here about your loss how dreadful for you after being giving the all clear,life can be very cruel as I am now realising and I’m sure you are thinking that too,I never slept a wink last night so feelING a bit beat up at the moment.I couldn’t be without this site.Take care pandy