39 week stillborn

I lost my son last week at 39 weeks. He did not breath in the world i know but i feel crushed. He was my first and i feel as if because i was so late on it is a punishment.

I am coping ok i think but evey morning it is the first tging i think of and know i am missing my baby.

My body is in a postmorten state with no baby.

We now have everything for a baby and i just want to be pregnant again so bad but feel guilty that thats what im wishing and im not wishing my son back.

I feel empty like what am i to this life. I feel useless

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Hiya i have just seen your post, can I start off by saying how sorry I am for the loss of your baby boy, I lost my little boy in 2009 he was stillborn. Its horrible to have to go through postmortem and having no baby, please don’t feel guilty for feeling like that it is completely normal, I just wanted to message you to say that your not alone and please feel free to message if you want to take care lorraine

Thank you Lorraine

I really appreciate it, just knowing people have this loss and can go on with life gives me hope.

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Yes there is hope, we don’t ever get over grief like this we just learn to live with it in our everyday life, I’m sure your little boy is with you everyday and knows how brave and strong his mum is tale care xxx

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