4 months and on my own now

So it’s 4 months now and trying to manage on my own. Most people couldn’t cope with my outpouring of grief. Some didn’t even want to from the start, but that’s how it is
I have family who care when they can and my niece has stepped up to be there for me. I have found my real friends from afar and take comfort from them.
So what next? I am not sure. Finances to be sorted and house to be sorted as well.


What next Pam? You keep on doing what you’re doing. You keep taking comfort from wherever, however you can get it. You learn to live this different life. You ride the waves of grief. You learn to accept that however you’re feeling is right for you. Sending love and strength xx


It’s still early days, you take a day at a time, some days will be better than others, and you will find that eventually the good days will outway the bad ones, it helps to keep busy, but you do find out who your friends are when something like this happens, people seem to find it very difficult to cope with bereavement and don’t know what to say, so it’s easier to avoid the subject ! I’m pleased that you have got good family support, things will get easier xx

hi Pam,
ive noticed you’ve not been on for a few weeks,
I just wanted to put my 2 cents in.you are not alone in feeling how you do.sadly like me and several others on this wonderful site,we have lost that one person we relied on for love, comfort ,companionship, every thing we could ever need from another human being as gone from our lives.our emotions are all over the place.from some where we find the strength to continue.you are still in the very early stages of this very long tiring journey.
were there is no real end.what is there then,well theres lots of tears and heart ache missing that very special person from our lives ,but we learn to live with the pain,we find ways to get through each day.some will have family and friends being helpful with giving their time or offering comfort, empathy and support.for me knowing that there are lots of people, who have been on this site way longer than me, and have found ways to cope from some where, and they feel the same as me they’ve lost the loves of their lives,im living my life with Jayne in my heart mind and soul,thats the only way I can manage get through the days and nights,plus wanting to do things in my babies memory after this lockdown is over.
I hope you will get continued support from your special niece also your other family and friends from afar.
also know there are lots of lovely caring people on this wonderful site,
so we will be here if you need us.
warm regards