4 months

@VillaBoy22 thats absolutely disgraceful behaviour from them!! How could they do that!! Knowing she wasn’t well!! I will never ever understand people who are nasty and horrible!! I’ve had terrible backlash too from micks family, long story short, he never told them about me as he didn’t get on with them and said it wasn’t their business, this led to me being barred from his funeral, not allowed anything belonging him, my flowers going in the bin every week from his grave, I went yest with fresh flowers for Easter and last weeks tulips had all the heads pulled off!! Absolutely pathetic! It’s his mother doing it all, but she can carry on, she won’t stop me going!! I sometimes feel anger like you too, thinking how dare they treat me like this when if it hadn’t been for me, we’re they going to check up on
Him and find him Passed away in bed?? No!! Makes me so angry!!! I try and act like it doesn’t bother me but it does deep down, cos I’d of done anything for his
Mother!! I’ve had 1 session of counselling so far, next one is the 12th, hopefully I can get some coping strategies! I’m back to work now, it’s been a canny distraction but I get angry at customers whinging about trivial things!! :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

@VillaBoy22 dont react to them
When you see them, someone on here gave me great advice when I was worrying about seeing his mother, don’t react to her cos then she can play the victim and make out like I’m the bad person!!! I’d hate for that to happen, cos she’s a narcissist and would quite easily play the victim!!! So I won’t even acknowledge her if I see her!!!

In the 31 years we were married i got on Ok with her Dad to an extent but from the second i met her Mom i didn’t like her, a colder woman you would never meet, Anna told me numerous times over the years how her Mom never conveyed any Love or affection to her or her brothers when they were children, i used to be civil to her over the years because it was what Anna wanted but since she passed i have no desire to see or hear anything from any of them, they let my Wife down when she needed them the most & that i will never ever forget or forgive till i take my last breath. I’m appalled that you’ve been treated that way by Micks family, especially by his Mother, what do people gain from behaving in this manner ? God only knows.
Continue with the counselling, I’ve had 4 & it’s definitely helped me with my anger issues, I’ll always be angry at her family but it’s helped me to realise that they don’t count in the grand scheme of things, only the people that were there for my Anna do & that was me & our children xx

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Sorry for late reply, I fell asleep then been to work all day, very long draining days! I feel so exhausted now, never used to be like this! Suppose it’s another part of grief, I will never understand nasty wicked people me, just can’t work it out! Anna’s mother sounds very much like micks, cold and horrible!! Makes me fume how they outlived their children!!! How have they had that privilege!!! Annoys me that! As long as you’ve got your son and grandkids to look after and they look after you, they’re all that matters, :disappointed::disappointed: so milestone over, first Easter!

I lost my husband 4 months today and I am very tearful recently still can’t believe he has gone he died suddenly when we were on holiday he was 61 I am just devastated, I feel your pain xx


Yes i agree it makes me so annoyed how she has outlived my Anna, especially when you take into account she smokes around 60 cigarettes a day, i never wish anything bad on anyone but i wouldn’t bat an eyelid if i found out she’d passed away today.
She has no empathy towards anything or anyone, i went to both of her parents funerals, Anna’s Grandparents & her Mom never showed a shred of emotion at either one, nor did she at Anna’s.
I can’t look at the woman without wanting to completely lose my head with her. As you say i have my Children & Granddaughters to focus on & they have now become the most important part of my life.
Yes Easter has been & gone, spent the day over at my Son’s watching the Grandkids enjoy all their Chocolate, not something I’ve ever been keen on myself.
I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.
Take care xx

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