40 Weeks today that I lost the love of my life

That Fateful Day

I can’t forget that fateful day, you had to leave, you went away.
A sadness filled me up inside, emotions that I could not hide.
Tears they come, sadness too, all my emotions just for you.
Time will heal, so I was told, but time could never fill this hole.
Here in my heart there is a place, you’re always there keeping me safe.
It’s filled with love and happy times, it’s never dark, your light it shines.
In Heaven now you do reside to watch over me with love and pride.
I know one day we’ll meet again,
Until we do just know how much I miss you, and you are with me, ALWAYS.


Sad, another week and counting. Take care xx

Thank you Susie.
It’s not getting any easier, some days are worse.


I am sad to hear that but am afraid that’s the new life with have been dealt, hard and horrible. They are right when they say we learn to live with it. Sending hugs and blessings.

Thank you ‘sad2’ your post has help lift my heart a little. I lost my wife to cancer at the end of September and I really don’t know how I feel, other than lost and sick. please stay strong and take care.


Cancer has robbed so many of us of our beloved soul mates. It is so hard carrying on alone. It has to be done now though, living our lives in this new way which has been forced on us. This new life we could never have imagined (luckily). Everyone on here is here to help as we have all lost someone so dear to us, someone we could never have imagined being without. I know the “lost & sick” feeling you describe only too well. A day at a time is all we can do now. Take care


Donald that’s a natural reaction I lost my husband November 2020 I try to cope because it’s what john would have wanted but some days are harder than others I have 2wonderfull children so thats that’s helped my granddaughter keeps me going take care annie