40 yrs

This is the first time in 40 years I havent spend Christmas with the chap who I argued with built a business and believe me that was tough and generally was always there. I never expected this as he didnt have cancer or a heart condition it was a freak accident. This Christmas I am making the effort to stay with family inspite of the train strikes. However I feel how hard it is we have to move on the 13th of July will for ever be etched into my brain the day he went. All around me are Christmas lights doesn`t matter how we feel they will be there life goes on and in some respects so do we how ever hard it is. Happy Christmas is that the wrong word to you all x

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Dear @Heather56

Thank you for sharing an open and honest post. Life does go on and you learn to accept that your loved one is no longer around.

However, as you say, life does still does go on and that is what our loved ones would want. This does not mean we will ever forget them.

I do hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and I am sure that they will understand if you get upset or cry as it is the first Christmas without your husband.

Take care.



Hello @Heather56

One of my husband’s expressions was “Life goes on” after people died - he was the most pragmatic and practical people I have ever known. And now, he has died. Like you, I am doing my best to move forward and to live the life I know he would want me to have. Some days are great, some not so much. Hold tight, keep going - heck, that’s what I am trying to do and somehow, bit by bit, I think it could be working. Loads of love, x


Thank you At first I did just want to be on my own at Christmas . My son and his partner are now staying with me. He doesn`t drive and lives away from me so the trains have made it a bit difficult but we have managed and we will raise a glass to my husband on Christmas Day x

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