4th relative in one year

I’m struggling to heal my heart that feels like now it has completely broken in half. Help me please

Dear Darthlukeren, I see from the title of your thread that you are grieving multiple losses. I am so sorry. I lost three members of my family in a six year span, the most recent (and most painful) 10 months ago (which brought me to this site). You describe it so well when you say your heart is “broken in half.” Each loss chips away another piece of our heart. I am glad you came to this forum, and I encourage you to share more about your situation, when you feel ready. I hope it helps to know there are others who will be there to listen, and offer support. You are not alone. Please post again, and message me any time. Take care of yourself and hold on, one minute at a time. With caring thoughts, Xxx Sister2

Darthlukeren I am so sorry for your pain. I would urge you to share more of your story if you feel you can. Just putting all into words can help. I to lost 4 members of my family last year the most painful being the death of my son. It does feel like your heart is broken because it is. There is always someone on this forum who will reply and everyone understands the pain of loss. Please take care and please see your doctor and ask for help there too…xo

Dear Darthlukeren,
I am glad you have found your way to this site as everyone is so supportive and caring. We are all going through such sad times and can get lost in our grief. Try to take one day at a time and try to keep posting if you can.
Much love xxx

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