5 months on

I lost my wife 5 months 3 days ago .she had a brain aneurism and went very quick while I was at work. I have posted on her before not so long after it happened and the response and help was absolutely brilliant. We had been together for 37 really happy years and was supposed to retire at the end of this year but now not to be. 5 months on and I’m still really struggling with the loss of her she was 62, since then I have had to cope with many things her estate , my wife’s birthday, my birthday, and next is our anniversary, and then of course christmas. She worked for the nhs and was a people person ,she would help anyone at anytime and I’m so sick of people saying he only takes the good. I have two children but both are living elsewhere they come when they can but the loneliness is so hard to contend with. I’m sorry for having this rant but I feel so frustrated.

Hi Modav

Don’t worry about having a ‘rant’ we all understand how you feel. Five months is still early days. I am coming up to the first anniversary. I can’t believe it. The past year has gone by in a fog. I know what you mean about dates. I have a cluster in October. It used to be my favourite month - my birthday and wedding anniversary, my son’s birthday and other close relatives birthdays but now it is also littered with passings. I have twelve significant dates that month to get through. Last week I started panicking because October is coming. Then like you say Christmas is coming. How to handle that?
Sorry no solutions, but wanted you to know there are others who understand. All we can do is take I one day at a time. This life is proving to be much harder than any of us thought.

Take care of yourself


My wife died 3 months ago and it is her 52nd birthday on Monday 1st October.
I miss her so much and the longing and loneliness doesn’t ease.
Happy birthday Maggie.
Take care William