5 months today

It’s five months today since I lost my wonderful husband. I have made some progress in that I’m a little more organised but the housework is still hit and miss. I had a bad weekend as the weather was quite nice and it was the whole Easter/Spring/Garden Centre/Garden Planning atmosphere and it was really painful. I was invited to my daughter’s yesterday for games with her and my 5 grandchildren (youngest 7) and that was great fun. I was feeling very fragile and on the verge of tears on the way there and was in two minds whether to go or not but I’m glad I did. Still have to come back to an empty house though! I wish you all love and strength. Jean x.


@Jean8 sorry for you loss. I lost my partner 10 weeks ago. I’m can relate to you completely. I had been getting really stressed thinking about this weekend. Of all the things we would have been doing if things were different. I went to my cousins yesterday for lunch. Didn’t want to go as I knew there would be quite a few people there but made myself go and was glad I did. A change of scenery does make a difference!!
Love and hugs to you too x


@Jean8 Thinking of you today. Hugs xx

Thank you, Mike. Hope you’re doing ok x.

@Jean8 Thank you. I’m feeling a bit fragile too. Time outs this Easter have included tears as well as reflection and memories. Normally we would have lots of people round for dinner over Easter but I’m not able to do that yet. The young ones definitely help though. xx


so sorry for your loss.I lost my partner 4 months ago and i was ok at first but now i hate being alone and coming to an empty house.I try to keep fairly busy but it is not much help, i feel lonely and wonder what to do in the future without him.I hope you can move on and find some happiness

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Aw jean nice to hear from you ! I had a tough weekend too without hubby … nearly 4 months for me next week :frowning: still in bit of disbelief hes gone tbh. And still miss him so much but we cant bring them back can we and that’s what is so hard to cope with i think ! Im thinking of moving near the sea cos theres nothing here for me anymore :thinking: i just feel worried about leaving my house with all the memories of him in it :frowning:

Hi @Deb5. They say not to make any big decisions within a year of losing someone. I’m not at all telling you what to do but please think carefully. Would you want to live somewhere unfamiliar with unfamiliar neighbours? I do know of people who have moved after a loss and regretted it. My son’s initial feeling was to move house with his family because he could picture his dad everywhere but he hasn’t and is glad now that he didn’t. Love and strength to you. Jean xx.

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Having another bad day today. Lots of crying today. I can’t bare being without him. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad too, Mike. It’s horrendous isn’t it!


I’m sorry for your loss too @Doughtyj. I’m having another hard day today. I just don’t want to be here without him.


I know im the same :frowning: u think its ginna get better dont you ? Im not sure i feel like its getting worse ??? I think as time goes on you realise more what you have lost :frowning: also my family continue to be as hearltess as ever ! They just dont care :frowning: that makes it so much harder ! They were alright when my husbamd poorly and since after the funeral they just dont give a monkeys none of em :frowning: my own kids too ! Shameful ! Im so ashamed of em :frowning:

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Hi Jean8, I think you are right. I have the choice to sell my brother’s house and carry on living in mine. Or, sell my house and live in his. I decided to to sell my house because it is much easier emotionally to get rid of my furniture. I want to remember my brother as long I live. Getting rid of my brother’s possession would be a betrayal for me. There is also a part of my mother in my brother’s house. - Nick