5 months

5 months today i lost my wife of 35yrs…she was 57… its not getting easier, if anything its getting harder… i miss her so much, doing everything alone is tough


Hi ,im so sorry to hear about your wife and she was so young too, i lost my partner in may he was 27 younger than me im 47, he just passed away in his sleep :cry: . i hope you find some comfort from this site, im having bereavement counselling at the moment it helps. keep as well as you can be

take care


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Thankyou, i never thought anything like this would happen to me… lost is an understatement

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Hi @hieveryone67
Sorry to hear about your wife.
My husband passed away suddenly unexpectedly 17weeks ago and it has been hard sometimes to get through the days.
But i am trying hard to keep myself busy looking to join book club exercise class and go for walks too. Somedays i know you will feel like you dont want to do anything and other days you might feel you can.

Just take your time to grieve and cope with the everyday struggle we now face in our everday new life we did not want.
We must be strong for our other halfs who would want us to go on with life even when we feel so alone and isolated.

I think we need support and guidance during this period of our lifes but hopefully we get this by speaking to others who have gone through similar experiences and know how hard the grief is now.
Take care Lynne

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thankyou for your kind words… My wife would be cross at me for being down and sad, but im finding the loneliness hard… i try to tell myself to be strong but its just so hard… not being able to fix things is unbearable, but i have no choice but to carry on… once again thankyou

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Hi @hieveryone67
I know it is a very lonely life we are now faced with my husbsnd was 63 when he passed away and now at 66 finding myself now at state oension age but we planned to save this for our holidays and trips to Australia to see our daughter and family.
Now the prospect of holidays alone seems daunting. I hope over time it will get easier but not sure that will ever happen.
It is the small things we miss now things we had are now taken away and replaced with emptiness.
Trying to cope will be hard for us this new journey is just beginning

you’re right i miss the small things… even shopping upsetts me… everything is memories… :unamused:

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Hi @hieveryone67
Remember the good memories these help us though the dark times.
I have managed to get through anniversary it was 36 years and my birthday yesterday.
These will always be special dates for us and they will be hard but they are unique to us but these are good to remember and cry get angry whatever it takes on these days to get by that day and hopefully in time it will be easier
Take care and look after yourself