58 weeks

It’s been 58 weeks since I watched my whole life die infront of me so unexpectedly and in my head it plays over and over all day everyday since my lee died as I feel still in shock that it really did happen 36 years of age healthy all the. Plans he’d made for our lives me him an my son just gone. It’s so hard on my own in every way I’ve had 3 bereavements in our family since my lee died were people say it gets easier that is aload if s**t coz it just gets harder and harder each day!


Hi @Hayley198894, I can hear the pain in your post. I’m so sorry for the loss of Lee, and that things feel like they’re getting harder and harder. It sounds like you’ve been through so much, losing your partner when they were so young, bringing up your son and experiencing 3 more bereavements, too. Thank you for starting this thread and sharing your feelings - I’m sure other members can relate to how you’re feeling.

You say that his death plays over and over in your head every day - watching someone we love die can be so very traumatic. I’m just wondering if you’ve gotten any support for coping with these thoughts? We offer free online bereavement counselling if you think that talking this through with someone might help. You could also chat to your GP and see what other options might be helpful.

Please do keep talking to us - you are not alone.

Take care

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Sending you love and hugs.

Sounds very similar to me too, I lost my partner suddenly in Feb he was also 36 and we have a 4 year daughter. Every day is a struggle.

Can you reach out for some counselling, may help.

Please take care message me anytime

Claire xxx

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Thank you I’ve tried counselling but it didn’t really work so sorry for your loss xxx

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Absolute load of rubbish that gets easier.
My wife died very quickly 10 months ago and your whole life is ripped to pieces.
I feel worse now than ever.
You must carry on coz they would not want you collapse and give up.
We are all with you.

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Hi I find it is getting harder each day . I feel like I am further away from my hubby each day . Even though I love and miss him more and more each day . And I have totaly lost me . I don’t know who I am anymore .xtake carex

It gets me worse everyday I can’t even have a job because my. Brain just feels scrambled
Of everything that’s gone on