6 close friends and family have died this year

First of all my Gran passed away then various family and friends have passed away I am finding it very difficult to cope any help would be great

oh gosh !! you too, huh?
in 2016 and up to January 2017, i had 6 people who are close/meaningful to me passed away - my father, my grandmother and four really close friends (3 of whom are like my own parents) !!
all i can say is…i feel your pain and know exactly how devastating it to have these people pass one by one without giving us a proper chance to deal with the previous loss.
i only managed to properly say goodbye to only 3 of them…my father was in a coma, but i hope he heard me.
i have no idea how i’m coping right now…i guess being surrounded by good and loving friends helps, going to work helps, practising mindfulness and yoga helps, goint to talking therapy helps, looking after myself helps, building new happy memories helps, not ever ruminating about the shoulda-woulda-coulda or regrets helps, laughing lots, dancing lots and crying lots help too.
i hope you will find ones that suits you, but just know that you’re not the on your own in this *hugs *

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