6 months ago

Hi my Mam died 23 rd Oct last year I do still cry sometimes but still feel like she’s alive when I go see my dad well can’t at the min with all this virus but I still feel like she’s there at home with him it’s not how I imagined I don’t have the ache inside or miss her even after 6 months ,she had bowel cancer and we watched her deteriorate for 10 months I don’t know if iv not accepted it or if this is normal as I see others feel so hurt xx

Hi , everybody reacts to the death of a loved one differently, there is no right or wrong way, I know when my husband died after a 6 month illness, to begin with I felt relief, I think because he was suffering so much, I knew he was now out of pain, it’s awful that you can’t see your Dad just now, that must be soo hard for you, take care of yourself x

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Thankyou for replying we felt the same my mam died at home with us all and she had been suffering too she went peacefully but straight away I felt relief for her too xx

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