6 months on

I woke up this morn to an alert on my phone "6 months today " …6 months since I lost you …I didnt need a reminder I count the hrs & the days sinse I last seen you heard you…been with you …how have I got through these months …!! …distracting myself …keeping myself occupied with tasks that would leave me exhausted at the end of a day…but now I’m trying to slow down and just be …because i know that no amount of distraction will ever change the fact that on that day I lost you…it wasnt just a date on the calendar …it was the day … my very existence had changed forever…you are missed so very much …


That is beautiful.
I wish you well. Hugs, Ann

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Yes, beautiful. Keeping in touch with our loved ones is what we all should try to do. They are not lost or gone. To slow down and just BE is the best advice possible. There is an advert on TV. ‘I will be me’. The advert is out of this context, but the words ring true.
We, me, all of us are unique beings. There is no one like us here and there never will be again. This applies to our loved ones too.
Can anyone really believe they are gone for ever? We undervalue ourselves because we may feel we are all part of the herd. We may well be, but that does not stop us being unique. That uniqueness is our ‘essence’ and, I believe, it’s what goes on when we die. It’s energy, and the laws of physics says energy can’t be lost. Blessings to all. John.