6 months on

I am not coping very well.It was getting better but having a really bad day today

Hi ,
I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day.
Nobody tells you just how awful this is and I think that’s part of the problem.
We all think we’re going to feel better after a few months, some people do but most don’t.

My friend has stopped going to her bereavement group because it upsets her to see new people joining who think they’re going to feel better soon.
I wish people would stop having expectations of me moving on to a lovely new life. It makes me feel worse than ever.

Sorry this isn’t much comfort but I haven’t had one good day since I lost my partner. Take care and I hope you can get through the day ok. Jx

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day but you are not alone. This happens to me ,sometimes its seems I take 1 step forward then 3 back and then im back to square one.

Everybody grieves differently and there is no time limit.

Take each day at a time.

take care of yourself I know what you are going through but over time things will get better.

Thank you so much for your lovely reply. Life is just so tough isn’t it. I can’t believe it has all happened and oh how I wish it hadn’t.
Maybe your friend is right I don’t think I should read all these heartbroken stories but. I was very despairing & needed to chat to others in the same place or similar to me.
Take care xxx

Thank you it is comforting to know others understand & I am not alone but it does seem like it sometimes.
I think I am ok & then something happens & I suddenly as you say back to the start again.
Never felt pain like this just want to cry today. Must cheer myself up as going out this afternoon with friends we both know so that will be hard as my darling won’t be with me.
Thanks again.take care

I have also reached 6 months since my beloved husband passed away. I believed that I was slowly starting to adjust but yesterday the realization of the past months suddenly hit me.

Although I have only recently joined, I came upon this forum by accident in February. Finding it difficult to sleep and browsing the internet during the night I came across this wonderful, helpful service. It has helped me so much, Thank you everyone.


Hi Peace 45
So pleased you replied to my message. My Darling passed away on 11/01/2019 . I was doing sort of ok but when I reached 6 months I think reality has kicked in now & I know he’s never coming back & it’s so hard I miss him so much I know you understand . Where do we go from here & how are we supposed to keep going? I have a lovely family but I just miss him so much.
Thinking of you with love
Chris x
Look forward to hearing how you are coping

Dear Chris I hit that point yesterday through something quite insignificant really. Finding my husbands tape measure, as though it was yesterday, how we used to joke, him saying ‘just pop that in your bag, you never know!!’ Dave measured, I guessed

That was the the reality of my lovely husband not coming back.

We moved to be near our son and family who have been terrific, we got the keys to the property the day before Dave died so I have no memories of us living as a couple here. Except for them I do not know anyone around but for the moment I am not ready to get involved. That will happen when I am ready. I walk quite a lot and a very dear friend, who herself is in hospice in another county, has messaged me for a few weeks saying, try and go for a walk everyday and find something to smile about, it does work.

May I just share this, about a month ago I was upset one morning as I just needed a hug from my husband, I became upset and decided to go for a walk, I walked into town (new to the area) as I started to walk home I heard a voice, as I turned there was this young African lad about 19yrs holding a clip board. I was just about to say no thank you, when he said you look sad, I explained why, he immediately put his clip board down and said ‘may I give you a hug’
It was a lovely warm hug, then he said ‘do you feel better now’. I thanked him as I walked away he stood looking at me as I said thank you. I have never seen him again.
Nothing has happened like that before or since. Two hours previous I needed a hug from my husband, I got one from a complete stranger, a lovely caring lad.
Was he an Angel who knows

That was my smile for that day. Much love Irene xx


Dear Irene
Thankyou very much for your lovely message. My husband had so many measuring rules I am not sure why if there is one thing I will never need to buy it’s a measuring tape ha ha must be a man thing.
I am so sorry that you didn’t have any time together in your new home but it’s so good that he helped you with the move & you are now close to your family. I’m sure you have a guardian angel watching over you.
Lovely story I enjoyed it so much brought a tear to my eye. Just shows us that there are lovely people out there . I bet he was pleased that you stopped & gave him time.
You probably made his day too.
Feeling a bit better today like you I walk for miles I can’t stay in all day . Seeing my sister today so that will be nice.
This sight is very good I only joined a couple of days ago but have had several replies it is so comforting to be able to share our feelings with others that truly understand.
Take care have a good day hope you find another "smile " today
Love Chris xx

I know how you feel. Some days i think its getting a little better and i can cope, then its hits me like a wave that my sons gone and i’ll never see him again. The pain is actually physical.

I know how you feel when you say it comes in waves. I too, lost my son six months ago I can’t believe I’ll never see him again

Oh yes Irene, he was your angel…think of it as your hubby stepping in and answering your prayer just at the right time…