6 months since i lost my wife and best friend

after 6 months i seem to miss her more and more we were married for 45 years and were hardly apart for the last ten years due to her condition i have seen two tarot card readers and they do not convince me they were in touch with her and i so wanted to believe them as i do not know where to turn to ease the the heart ache i feel

Hello, Jimmy. I’m sorry that you have lost your wife, and know exactly how you feel. My husband died just over a year ago and we had been married for 66 years. I don’t think that the heartache will ever go away but am hoping it will ease in time. 6 months for you is no time at all. I still feel as if I have been torn apart and the longing to see him again is still with me. You and I had long marriages and It may take a long time to get used to losing our loved ones, even if we ever do. I don’t know anything about Tarot card reading so cannot give an opinion on that. All I can suggest for you is that you post your feelings on here whenever you need to talk. We are all in the same horrible situation and it does help.
Sorry I cannot come up with any idea on how we can deal with it. Do you have family close by? I do but they have all gone back to their busy lives and the support has somewhat dwindled.
Take care of yourself. Also, it helps to talk to a photograph if you feel that you can.

thanks825 for your reply i have a son who has been a great help also a grandaughter who doted on her nana but i try not show my heartache to much in front of him as he has lost his loving mother and has his family to look after.you mentioned talking to a photograph of her which i do and it does seem to bring her nearer