6 months since my husband passed

It’s now 6 months since my husband died from Parkinson’s dementia and I still miss him terribly, but I have found something that really helps me deal with my grief. I light a candle every night next to his picture and then I take however long I need talking to him about my day and how I am feeling. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I don’t, I have found that I cry a little less these days but I always feel more at peace with myself after talking to him, sharing my thoughts and reminiscing. I hope this may help some of you.


That sounds such a sensible idea. I write a diary every night with usually a piece written directly to my husband. I like the candle idea - although Richard wouldn’t as he couldn’t stand the smell as you blew them out. It does mean I have plenty of unused ones! :joy:


I lost my wife of 48 years on January 22. In her Zen Den …her yoga and art room…her ashes are on a shelf until we scatter them in summer when our son returns from Indonesia wher he lives. I now sit in her Zen Den…light a candle in front of her ashes every night…and play classical music…even though we played as a musical duo together for 12 years playing rock and country…this makes me feel a little better…and, yes, I cry a lot…:pensive:


Aw i did that everyday when he passed … not done for a while tbh but i keep a journal and write to him when im missing him and want to tell him how much i love him ! That really helps too xx


Thanks for sharing…I also have started a journal…Sandie kept one for decades…I still have to try and read them again…x


My partner was, amongst other things, a Jeweller and Batik artist. After her funeral I asked friends and neighbours who had supported us over the period of her illness to come round and choose some pieces of her jewellery that she had made as a ‘thank you’. I found that letting them choose a little piece of her meant a lot more to me than giving them flowers (for example) and it means she will live on and they will remember her when they wear what they chose. That has helped me greatly.


What a lovely thing to do @JustSomeBloke. I’m sure they will treasure those far more than flowers too.

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