6 months today

I feel absolutely heartbroken today. 6 months on and i still feel broken. We were married just under 40 years. I have had a few reasonable days but today has pulled me back to the tears and feeling so low. He was my best friend, my soul mate. Life is hard.


@Hazell The only solace I can provide is that you are not alone. We all share your grief. Sending you a hug. :heart:


Hi @Hazell
So sorry for your loss.
Me too 6 months on some days i think im coping then a wave of grief returns and i feel upset.
All days are long but the weekends are worse. Now the weather cold and snow and :ice_cube: dont want to go out but if i dont go out i see no-one. So lonely without them around.
Sending you :heartbeat: and look after yourself.
Lynne x