6 months without my dad

It’s been 6 months since I lost my wonderful very much loved Dad. So what have I learnt about grief in this short time… There will be bad days, days like in the beginning when it felt so painfully raw they will come when you’re not expecting it. Sometimes I feel like I’m coping better than it will be one of those days again. At the beginning I had a physical symptom I couldn’t swallow for the lump in my throat, that still happens on those bad days too. I miss my dad so very much every single day.
Then there the better days, the days where I can look at his picture close my eyes & Vision him at home with my mum & smile. Listen to his favourite music. That’s the thing with grief, you have to feel these both good & bad days. I’m 36years old & some days the thought of living longer without him bears too much it breaks my heart. Another thing is Sue ryders pod cast grief kind has helped me so Much in this new world of grief, I walk around my local lake listening to everyone’s stories I’d recommend these to anyone who’s lost a loved one. I feel quite alone in grief but I’m ok with that.


I’ve also lost my dad so I can feel your pain. I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you’re finding ways to take care of yourself.
I thought there was something physically wrong with me at the beginning as I didn’t know that grief could manifest itself in that way.
I also feel alone in my grief but I have never tried the podcasts but I think I will give them a go now thanks to this post.

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Hi @LauLou

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Thank you for bravely starting this thread and sharing how you’re feeling. I hope the community can be a good source of support for you.

It sounds like you might already be familiar with some of our free online bereavement support services but you can find out more on our website at sueryder.org/support

Thank you for also sharing the kind words about our Grief Kind podcast :blue_heart:

Take good care,

Sue Ryder Online Community team


I know :pensive:. I’m 39, and this wasn’t supposed to happen. My dad was supposed to live to be 100. So sorry that you’ve lost your beloved dad, too :broken_heart:.

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Thank you :blush: I’m so sorry for your loss too. Please give them a go they really are helpful. Grief is strange isn’t it. It’s not just those mental struggles but the physical ones too.

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I’m so sorry you’ve lost your dad too it’s really painful to even comes to terms with isn’t it. Some days it still doesnt feel real :broken_heart: I feel your pain

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Thank you for your lovely words. listened to all those podcasts in the first few months after dads funeral when everyone goes back to their lives which is only normal but listening to their stories about their grief & someone who was feeling the same who could truly understand was so helpful.

Thank you for this support that we can access so easily.

I just really miss him. Today is a better day where as last week was full of tears, as I say there will be days.

It’s so so painful. It was completely out of the blue. A sudden shock. Was it similar for you? Do you have other family? I’ve been staying with my mum, and my brother lives next door. My sister and her family are in the same town.