6 months

Today, Marcial it’s 6 months since you were cruelly taken from us. The pain of your departure has been excruciating, I spend a lot of my days just crying for you when our daughter is at work, why o why did you have to go? its just not fair, we had such a wonderful 38 years and we loved each other so much. I know I promised you I would carry on living but I was not prepared to feel such unrelenting pain, some days I have to calm myself so that I don’t make myself ill. But you know what? Nothings really means anything anymore, each day blends into another sometimes I’m indoors for a week without going out, it’s too exhausting to even do the basics. I feel so alone, not lonely! I’m an empty shell, from always being a positive person now Im a don’t give a damn person. I hide it as much as I can from my adult son and daughter and my teen granddaughter but they know how I’m suffering. I go to bed and can’t sleep until 3am then sleep half the day away, I like it that way so the day goes quicker. If i could I would stay all day under the duvet. No energy, feeling lost. Sorry but I needed to vent, all my love to those of you who are going through the same. Margarita


Dear @Margarita1,
I’m afraid I don’t have any answers or advice, but I just wanted to say that I agree with every single word you have written in your post. So many things you say reflect exactly how I feel too. I can only hope that at some point life (or existence) will improve for all of us, although I have my doubts in my particular case. Please take care.

Hi.margarita1. I so feel for you as I am still the same and is 2 yrs and 2 months since Ron died. The rawness has gone and I talk about Ron now in the past tense but I feel like my heart has been taken away.I sleep til 12 noon and go to bed late at night.(It is about 2.30am now) I have no joy in life anymore and it is just a case of passing the days.Everyone else thinks I am fine and don’t even mention my Ron which makes me feel he is being forgotten.I was ok today until tea time and then when I went shopping and everywhere was quiet and dark I just started to cry. You are not alone in how you feel but hopefully as the days and months pass you will feel a little more stronger. I do hope so.

Dear Alston and Angiejo, thank you for your messages I also am sorry that you both are in the same way as I am, take care and much love :pensive:

Its just over 5 months for me and i thought i was doing ok but these last few weeks i just keeo breaking down i miss him so much despite been so hurt
I go bed and then morning comes amd bam hits me he isnt here im glad i have our daughter and just keep going best i can but theres nothing to look forward to anyway at the moment its just so hard what a horrible year it has been x

Dear fg15, I’m sorry for your loss, I know we are all going this awful time, unfortunately we can’t go around the pain, we have no choice but to go through it. Let’s hope next year Corona has calmed down and we can maybe distract ourselves with getting back to a life and a semblance of normality. Hugs and best wishes, take care, Margarita

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@Margarita1, no advice no words of wisdom just a virtual hug xxx

Thank you and a hug and love back to you MrsT1.

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