6 months

Hello Everyone
It havs been 6 months since i lost my husband of more than 30 wonderful years.
He had a rare bile duce cancer which took him 9 weeks after diagnosis. 11 weeks before we were dancing at our sons wedding.
I seam to be spiraling down, life it jus so hard without him. Just exhausting. I get no pleasure really from seeing people now, its too hard being sociable , equaly i dont want to be on my own. All the chores of life are just too hard just now, i spend alot of time in bed or lying down.
I have so many caring friends and family, no real ‘worries’ in my life and i am seeing a grief councillor at the hospice my husband was in.
I think its all hitting me now, life is too hard. Thinking of you all too in this x


It is a confusing and devastating time. Nothing makes sense or seems to be real.

Take it slowly, bit by bit. Don’t put and pressure on yourself.

We understood what you are going through so please feel free to continue telling us how you feel.

Sending hugs xx


Such a hard time for you, so be kind to yourself and just try to do things little by little.
My husband also was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cancer and within weeks became so ill, had several surgery’s, then admitted to hospice where he died.
5 months previously we had been walking the cairngorms with no idea what we had coming.
It is a lot to process in such a short time - hopefully counselling will help a bit too - I am waiting for that also.
Time will hopefully help with the pain.

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