6 weeks since I lost my best friend

6 weeks ago I lost my partner of 14 years , he had a cardiac arrest whilst in hospital , he was only 57 , I’m struggling really badly as 3 years ago I had to give up work to become his full time carer so I was with him 24/7 , I know it’s still early but every day seems like I’m getting worse crying all the time , its breaking my heart and I dont know what to do to ease the pain

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I lost my husband December the 5th
I cry all the time I scream,
My heart is so broken
People just tell me take baby steps ,
I don’t think about the next hour I just do what I can,
Please keep talking on chat as it does help a little take care xx

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Hi sorry for you loss. 9 months with me I cry every day my heart pounds all the time it’s a roller coaster of emotions I wish I had answers to give you. My grown up children and granddaughter keeps me going . My husband was a fit healthy 64 year old I’m 59 informed he had cancer 3 days before he died. Chat anytime. Take care x

My husband was 57 fit and heathy but COVID got him and nearly 2weeks in hospital all his organs failed,still can’t believe it finding everything a struggle xx

Omg so sorry Covid 19 has a lot to answer for very early days for you but like you say it’s hour by hour the pain is awful so many emotions and physically draining. I hope you have support around you but with lockdowns it’s so hard. Take care x

I feel your pain. I also lost my husband , the love of my life on 5th December. We only found out in October he was terminal but initially thought he had over a year to live.
I promised him I would hold his hand at the end - wasn’t allowed to due to covid.
I cried - wailed for 3 days at New Year.
I have an amazing daughter & 2 lovely grandsons, lovely friends but I feel so empty and alone.
I have a rescue dog and for her I have to get up every day. Life had no purpose anymore.

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I’m.so sorry, all of you, so much pain … I am 9 weeks on tomorrow , returned to work on Monday the 4th … there no words. of comfort, it is such a big loss. Baby steps… to me, they are almost like forceful leaps, like jumping over a black hole just to stay sane x x i dont know who I.am but, what I do know is, I’m slightly…marginally progressing… losing him will.always be sad.for.me, heart breaking … Wishing you all strength to keep jumping that black.hole x this is not.easy x.x

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I lost my partner of 39 years on 25th November he had been in intensive care for 7 weeks had beat the cancer and moved to a ward. 4 days later I got the call I had been dreading over the 7 weeks he had suffered a massive bleed on the brain nothing they could do he was 64. I find it so hard dealing with the fact he beat the cancer and then was taken from me by something else. I cry every day and night still the pain just won’t go away. Life is so lonely now without him as he brightened my day everyday :cry:

Hello JannerI
I lost my husband December the 5 th
Struggling to do anything,the pain is so unbearable
All I have been doing is getting up have a wash
Then go cemetery that’s my day now
I have been Told just take your time
Here if you need to talk to xxxx

Hi Debbie so sorry for your loss. I stay in bed till lunch time then go back at 6 it’s the only way I can cope. Now our best friend of 25 years has died tragically less than 8 weeks after Steve. I am trying to help his wife through this difficult time but it is so hard with lockdown not being able to be with her. I am here if you want to message me and maybe we can get through this awful painful time together
Take care sending love xx

So painful for us all, I just can’t stop the tears :sob: xx

I lost my husband 3 weeks ago I’m the same crying all the time, I’m so so sad. My husband also had a cardiac arrest, at home he died in my arms and my 23 year old daughter witnessed the whole thing whilst calling 999. We are also both very traumatised by that night as well as dealing with losing him. Right now I can’t see a way forward , tomorrow is his funeral everyone says once you’ve had the funeral things get better but how can they when he’s not coming back. I’m so sorry for your loss understand your pain as I’m going through it too. I also can’t sleep and have no idea how to get some sleep , I just feel so sad and weepy all the time. I hope you find a small but of comfort knowing you are not alone, thinking of you x

Hello big hug I am sending to you
So sorry for your loss
It doesn’t get easier after the funeral
And my husband passed December the 5th
I just take each hour as it comes
Thinking off you xx

@Heartbroken1 I’m.so very sorry for your loss x The shock will ease over time

It’s.the shock that changed me x now 12.weeks on, I as many on here, have gone through different facets of.grief, it’s very testing on our mental health …all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t be hard on yourself x My grief is much more level, it is no less now, I’m extremely sad but although I still have days, sometimes only hours, sometimes only minutes where I feel almost.concerned about myself. I know I’m moving forward x There are.so many on here struggling with what I keep telling myself, is life … a normal typical occurrence… It’s so hard. I found it hard a first to think of anything else but the last 3 days of my gorgeous husbands life…
I took myself through it day after day. Now.I.can think.broader and.then it smacks.me.again.and.I.still.have that awful disbelief feeling, shock, despair…
This is not an easy place to be … little.steps.x.x.thats all you can.do x.

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