6 Weeks

6 weeks ago my June was taken to hospital. She never regained coniousness and passed 5 days later.I was with her and it was very peaceful - for her. I was screaming inside. She has left a hole in me that I’m struggling to understand. I am missing her so much. It just washes over me like a wave and after I feel drained. People are saying that it takes time but eventually you learn to accept it. I nod, say thank you, but inside I’m saying, you don’t understand. I don’t want to get over it. I don’t want to be better. I just want it to end.
I write to her most days (as well as talking to her). I find it helps me. trivial stuff mostly, sort of daya to day chat couples have, or at least we had. i know she’s still near, but also you didn’t fear dying, she knew it was the start of another phase and she’d see her mum & dad again, so somethimes I feel she’s wonder off for a while.
Sorry for the long ramble, take care all

Hi Dave, I’m so sorry for the loss of your soulmate, nobody understands unless they have been through it, you must do whatever makes you feel a little better, 6 weeks is no time at all and your grief is still very raw, take a day at a time and go with how you feel, from my own experience it wasn’t til after the first year had passed, that I started to accept that this was going to be my new normal, take care and be kind to yourself xx

Dave I don’t write to my love but I do talk to him a lot just wish he could answer just once. Screaming inside is such a good description of the feeling of heartbreak. I can never fill the void he left . In just over a month it will be five years. I usually run away but the virus and lost job has put paid to that. I sometimes go up to the moors near me and walk my little dog. It’s quite isolated and I can talk to him and cry out loud. I do so feel for you. Keep in writing and speaking to your lovely June Hope you find some peace.

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