6 weeks

Since I lost my 20 year old son on my birthday. After a progressive neurological condition he passed away in front of me after a long hard battle with dystonia. I’ve scattered his ashes in my garden and made it lovely. I looked after my son who were 24.7 care for 3 years. I’m just devastated. Yesterday I just broke down. What is so sad is my son were fine until his teenage years till this horrendous condition started. I’m now trying to raise awareness.

Hello, I am sorry your lovely son was taken so early in his life and by such a devastating condition. You are very brave in trying to bring awareness of the condition and I wish you well with all your efforts. It must be a horrible thing to loss a son and having cared for him over the past years will have taken there toll on your physical and mental health so please look after yourself. Sending you blessings and thanking you for all you are doing. S xxx