6 yrs

My husband left 6 yrs ago this month , i bloody hate the month of May, the year before I lost my dad ! In May !! I normally muddle through the year but Today i have been more bad tempered, more emotional and angry. I have hoped for the past 6 yrs that i have died in a accident or ill health and haven really taken care of my health hoping that i could leave ( im not brave enough to do it myself ) . How the hell do we carry on ?
My family and friends say " get out more " you will meet someone else! I dont want to meet anyone else i want my husband back ! Logically i know hes not coming home i have his ashes nxt to me !
It looks like im here for a while so suggestions please x


it is odd isn’t it. I take care of my health too … then have wished to not exist.


I do feel for you…and relate…I’m only 15 months into this horrific scenario…no answers :heart:


I mis- spelt sorry.
I dont take care of my health ! But still here !!

Thank you for the love x

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Hi it’s just over two years for me and I’ve really gone down hill. Not physically but emotionally. The loneliness is unbearable for me and I don’t like the life I have now. I have said in another post that I really do hope things improve but I just feel so down. Nothing brings me any joy now and I miss my husband so, so much. We just fitted as a couple and now It’s just me I can’t seem to find the person I was before he died and left me.x


Only 3 months into this and share all those feelings. I don’t think counselling would help me (had one session and didn’t feel comfortable with it). Might start meditation classes to see if it will help control the grief when it really takes hold. Also looking to get a puppy to give me some purpose. But yes, hate this new life and at 60 will also go on for a while yet.

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Im sorry to hear this. I feel exactly the same and the person that gregg loved will never ever be that person again.
Sending lots of love x

I’m in the same position as you. 7.5 yrs now. I prayed that I would just die in my sleep. Still do but I have kids 19 and 20 now. They were 13 and 14 at the time. I was on medication, anxiety,depression and sleeping pills. Mixed with vodka was not a good choice. Stopped the pills and drinking at night. It’s been a rough 7.5yrs