61 years.

61 years ago today, 8th of May, I married the girl of my dreams. no big white wedding, but lots of love.
We had 55 and a half years together, until cancer took her from me. I miss her so much. Life seems to get harder, instead of easier. I spend a lot of time writing poems to her, which she will never see.

Sleep my darling , sleep, as I softly call your name.
Without your love to guide me, life cannot be the same.

The weary roads I travel, the time that passes by.
The sadness here without you, the teardrops that I cry

The loneliness of night time, the emptiness of day.
The hopelessness of life, since you have gone away.

So sleep until I’m with you, and all the tears are done.
When we are back together, to live our live as one.

The trueness of our love dear, the memories we keep.
My love for you is always, so sleep my darling, sleep.

Sorry if this is sad, but life darling, is so sad without you.


Dear @Tony

No need to apologise. We all understand the pain of losing a loved one. The words of your poem are beautiful. Thank for sharing it with us.

Not many people can say they had been married 55 and a half years, what wonderful life time of memories you must have. Writing poems is a beautiful way to cope with bereavement. We look look forward to seeing more of them.

Sue Ryder have launched a new [Grief Self-Help Service ] (https://selfhelp.sueryder.org) to help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief should you wish to use it.

Please take care of yourself and continue to reach out here and whatever you have planned for today, I do hope it is one that will bring back many happy memories that you can share with family and friends.

Take care.


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Hi Pepsi, don’t know how the last verse got highlighted, did not mean it to. There are other bits of verse on these pages, somewhere.

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Hi @TonyM

That’s is ok. I am glad it did get highlighted. I will make it my mission to find the rest of it.

Take care and have a lovely Sunday.


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That is so beautiful Tony and describes exactly how we all feel . Take care.
Love Angie xx

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Thank you Angie.

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