7 months today 🥺

hey everyone,
cant beleive its been 7 months today ive not heard your voice or hugged you. i miss you so so much. im currently in Fuerteventura for a weeks break and my nan lived in lanzarote for 33 years so i feel close to her here. cant stop crying :cry: :sob:

sending love hugs :people_hugging: to everyone

love chelle xx


Dear @Chelle-luan Yo
It is ok to cry and is normal. You are still in the early stages of grief, crying can also be healer in the release of grief and sorrow. Being in Fuerteteventuta will trigger off many memories as your nan lived there for a long time and that is where you feel the closest to her.

I do hope you do enjoy your time abroad and please be gentle with yourself.

Take care.


Hi pepsi, thank you so much, it does remind me of nan here. ive had a great time had a few little cries. but ok now xx

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