7 weeks

My love, my husband, my best friend.
7 weeks since you left me. We were having a good time on holiday in Portugal, you had no health conditions and no symptoms of anything, you were on no medication.
7 weeks since I held you, touched you, smelt you.
7 weeks of trauma, deep sadness and misery.
7 weeks of not being me.
7 weeks of anxiety and loss of confidence.
This is all so hard, I’m glad I found this forum, it helps to talk to others who totally understand!
I love you and miss you so much, we only had 7 years but we lived every second and minute of those years and for that I’m so grateful of the memories we made my love. :heart:xxxxxxxx


15 weeks here. Your early days it’s very raw for a long time (so I’m told) I can see it feeling like this forever

@Sah28 me too, can’t see it getting any easier. This is so hard for all of us on here.

Me neither suddenly at 52 I’m 44 3 kids 22, 19 and 11 it’s hard

Ah, Sah, so very sad. I’m only 52 and my husband was only 68, no age. We were making plans for next year, trip to family in USA and our sunny :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:holidays. I’m lost. :broken_heart:


It’s like part of you died too

@Sah28 oh yes!

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