8 months

I’m 8 months into this life I never wanted, my husband died in November aged 41 and we have 2 girls now 12 and 9.
I’ve had 28 sessions of counselling which have now ended for the time being.

However, over the last couple of weeks a new wave of grief has hit. I feel worse than I ever have. I’m exhausted all the time like at the beginning. I don’t want to be around anyone I would rather just lay in bed and shut the world out.

No one understands, unless they are widowed themselves they think I should be ok now.
I’m no ok I still feel like I’m drowning everyday!

The only thing that keeps me going is our girls.

Not really any point to this post just needed to vent to people who understand.


You let ypur girls keep you goibg but ofcourse youre gonna have your private moments of grief and loss … it wouldnt be normal if y9u didnt ! My husband passed 16th december … its so hard without them isnt it … so i totally get you … im still having rubbish days too :frowning: xx


Hi @Gem2. I also lost my husband very suddenly and unexpectedly 8 months ago - 10th November. I still have massive melt downs where all I do is cry. It’s normal. It’s still relatively early days. I hope the counselling has helped you. I have a big family around me and we’ve always been very open in our grief which I feel has helped. I’m so sorry for your loss. A few of us meet up on Zoom meetings 3 times a week if you would like to join in. You can just listen and not put your video on or you can join in. It’s very friendly and informal. If you would like to join. Send a message to @KarenF and she will send you an invite. Love and strength, Jean x.


@Gem2 I also do the zoom with @Jean8 and although nervous at first, it’s been a godsend and met some lovely people who are funny and supportive. I’m nearly 6 months of sudden loss. My partner was 49. Embrace the grief when it comes and be honest with everyone how you feel. It’s ok and may be a relief to some people who are still struggling to know you’re not ok all the time x


Hi Jean. I also lost my husband 8 months ago and seem to be having a bad couple of days. Feel very panicky and hate the loneliness.
I would be very interested in joining some of the Zoom calls you mention. Like many others I look okay on the outside and people tell me they’re ‘proud’ of me - inside I am a mess. x


@Chrissie3. Our next Zoom will be Friday at 8pm. Hopefully, @KarenF will send you an invite. You’d be very welcome. We all feel exactly as you do. We met @Hazel.1966 for the first time on zoom this evening and she liked meeting us xx.


Hi Jean. That’s great, thanks very much :blush: