8 months

8 months on after losing mum August 21st 2023, the tears have overwhelmed me a bit today. I won’t call it a bad day, just keep having mini emotional moments when thinking about memories.


I think we all have days like that. Today I can’t focus on anything. Keep being good to yourself.


Hi Keith68,
Some days the tears are worse than ever. Just go with it. Crying is healthy and ok feel helps us in our healing. No good trying not to cry.
My tears just start over anything and everything. Even having a conversation that mentions mum and that’s it I start crying.
Thinking of you
Deborah x

Just want to thank everyone for their kind words on here, it does matter and help in today’s world. There’s not a lot of support in today’s world, so every little things counts.

Keith 68,
Keep posting on here as there is so much support you can gain from others going through the same. No one judges you so say whatever you want to.
Thinking of you

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