8 weeks today without you my love

It’s been 8 weeks today since I lost shaun. I woke 8am this morning, the time 8 weeks ago to the day he took his last breath as his held him and told him it was ok, I loved him and to remember the good times :broken_heart: I don’t know how we’ve got through these last 8 weeks. It’s complete torture. He was my life since I was 15, we should of celebrated 20 years together 18th October and here I am a widow, crushed, broken and not knowing how me and our 3 children are ever going to do life without him… I miss him so much and keep expecting him to come through the door from work, to ring me like he did multiple times a day, making me
Laugh, smile, feel safe! He was the love of my life…
I just want him back


I lost my husband 10 weeks ago. We had been married 43 years. I miss him so much. I feel totally broken. I have family supporting me but feel so lonely without him. He was my best friend. I know how you must be feeling.


I’m so sorry your feeling this pain too!! It’s just so so cruel isn’t it! Shaun was my best friend, my
Soulmate, my life! I just don’t want to do the rest of my life without him :broken_heart:
Sending you all my love xx


I’m sorry for you all . 5 + months for me and I have lost the most amazing man . We had just got to wind down and enjoy life then bam he was gone . I don’t want to live another 20 to 30 years without him . I am lost


I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s so unfair and cruel x


@Scarl34 thank you to you . Everyone’s support helps xx


It really does! I find talking to people is a comfort at times… please reach out anytime x


It’s so true. I just can’t believe I’ll never see him again.

Just had a facebook memory come up from last year where we went for an afternoon tea. I said it was 6 months post surgery and he’d just finished chemo, he was recovering. Little did we know…

I’m so sad


Same :broken_heart: I’m dreaming of shaun all the time and il wake and think he’s here and ok, then it hits me…

I’m struggling also with knowing il never see his face again, his infectious smile, feel his touch, his arms around me.

I just don’t understand how this is now life x


Sending love to you all, 4 weeks at 12.10pm tonight I lost my partner and every Friday I sit here waiting for that time and reliving the last time I was with him :broken_heart: it gets not easier just harder as the days roll by and everyone gets back to their lives and we are somehow stuck between then and now x


I cuddle him in the air we cuddled , kissed , told each other I love you / you’re gorgeous every day . It’s like a big black hole here now . Oh Andrew


I’m really struggling this morning, literally to the point I feel I can’t breathe. This pain is awful I feel like I’m being crushed and just going to explode :persevere: I’m trying so hard to take deep breaths and try calls but it seems to be getting worse x

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Cry, scream, let it out! You are in the early days and you just have to walk through it. It will hurt like hell but it can’t be avoided.

In time it will pass, the raw pain will dull and not be so bad.

Keep reaching out, there’s always someone to listen.


Thank you, I’m so glad I have found this place, just having people to speak to who understands x