8 weeks tomorrow miss him so much

Tomorrow at 1.26 it will be 8 weeks since Steves passing. 10 days from diagnosis to passing. I keep telling him he has left me in a sh**storm. I miss him so much. Not sure how I get by. Love to you all but especially my lovely husband.


@Juliebobs im so so sorry!! 10 days! :broken_heart: shaun passed 6 weeks after diagnosis, without any signs/ill health and i still can’t quite believe it… i feel exactly the same, he was so so worried about leaving me and the kids, so scared of how well manage and keep going, and i just don’t see we ever will… i literally wake waiting for something else traumatic to happen now…
sending you lots of love xx


@Juliebobs - crikey - that’s a lot to endure - 8 weeks of Steve’s absence after such a short illness. You are getting by because you are strong and because you have to - we all do. There is no choice, no menu of grief options to peruse - just the reality of getting on with it and figuring out a way through, every hour of every day. I am nearly 2 years in now. It becomes more familiar, and so easier perhaps, to carry on. What we can know is that our loved ones would be so, so proud of us, for walking on even though it’s very hard. Keep going, my friend x


Hi there your words make me feel better and what a beautiful
way to put them I lost my husband 2 years ago I am still full of guilt and what ifs x like you say sometimes it’s ok other times
it’s not x I know he would be proud of me and our son but it all still fills me with such sadness