9 months down the line

I lost my husband Peter 9 months ago. I was beside myself with grief as we had been together for 59 years married for 54 of them. All these months have passed and I still feel the same. I just cannot move forward. I miss him so much, he was my world. I go through the process of “living” each day but nothing helps. I still feel just as devastated as I did last June. I know I am not the only one but that is how it feels. My thoughts go to all of you that feel like this. Moira


Hello Moira.
There are some here who still feel as you do, we are all at different stages but we all understand where you are.
This is a terrible journey and all we can do is to live this new life day by day and hope to get through it as best we can.
There are no time limits for what to do and how to manage so please try to be kind and gentle with yourself and count on the understanding and support you can get from this lovely, caring community. :two_hearts:

Hi it’s been just over six months since my hubby died . Every day is hard and it’s just getting worse . Some days I have smiled and even laughed . But when I’m on my own I just wish I was with him , I don’t think that will ever change. He is always on my mind and at work I talk about him all the time. I just think this is our life now but it will get better when our time on earth is over and we are back in our loved ones arms for eternity , that the only thing keeping me going xtake carex

Hello MoGreg
I lost my husband lSt August and still miss him dearly life is so different and feel your pain. I have a loving family and good friends but still miss my husband and he was my best friend. We just have to stay strong wishing you well xx

Ang1949, Broken2222 DaisyRose. You are all feeling as I do so I know that I am in no way unique. But to feel so lonely and broken is an awful feeling isn’t it? My heart goes out to you all. xx


It sure does but we aren’t alone on here which helps us xx

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Hi Moira

Like you, I feel just as I did when Ian passed away over 41 weeks ago now. In fact, I’m probably feeling worst as each day passes. He left me on June 18th and I’ve been existing every day since. I just want him back and the life we shared together. I’ve tried to move forward but it’s impossible as whatever I do and whomever I meet, doesn’t change the reality of what has happened. I feel as if I’m trapped in a never ending nightmare.
My daughter has said she wants her old mum back but I don’t think that can ever happen.
Take care

Julie x

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Hi Julie

My life exactly thinking about you

Moira xx